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Program Description

The Domestic Violence Program in totality is designed to become apart of the community by networking and building partnerships with various organization's to heal the broken places in domestic violence survivors and also the abusers. The Domestic Violence program is geared to helping individuals who have endured domestic violence through emotional, mental and physical abuse. This program assists battered women, men and children in taking precautions in an abusive relationship, informing them on what a relationship is? And the signs of an unhealthy relationship. According to statistics, nearly 1 in 5 teenage girls who have been in a relationship said a boyfriend threatened violence or self-harm if presented with a breakup. We are trying to change those statistics!

Program Leader


My name is Rayna Moses and I am the Leader for the Domestic Violence program. Domestic Violence is such an epidemic here in the metropolitan area. Being a Domestic Violence survivor myself, I understand what it is like to go through such traumatizing situations, no one leaves unscathed.

Whether it is verbally, physically, mentally or emotionally abuse; there is a healing process that must happen. I have made it my mission to fill in the gap for survivors. Helping in the healing process by providing all resources needed.


Back to Work Initiative

Counseling (Family, Individual and Group)

Alcoholics Anonymous

Drug Treatments

College Courses

Health and wellness

G.E.D. classes

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  • Ending domestic violence takes teamwork

  • Healing is a process

  • Sharing and owning our truths can shift, impact, and inspire others to action

  • Offering the community tangible ways to get involve helping to end domestic violence

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